Greetings from the PNW

Hard to believe, but we’ve been home for two months! And as much fun as the road trip was, it’s been really nice to be able to sleep in the same bed for more than two consecutive nights. 😉 So what have we been up to now that we’re officially back in the PNW?

Hello, Again We might be stationary now, but we haven’t stopped our beer research! Since arriving home, we’ve been busy getting reacquainted with the Puget Sound and discovering all of the new breweries that have opened up (and revisiting some of our old friends). We’ve tasted wares from Ballard, South Park, and Bellingham—and have our eyes set on a ton more. Any suggestions for us?

Homebrewers Unite! We managed to get home in time for Homebrew Con 2018. In Portland, OR this year, we happily made our way down I-5 to join in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the conference and wishing Charlie Papazian a very happy retirement!

Attacking the "To Do" List We’re also slowly chipping away at our “to do” list. At the top of our list is wrapping up the business plan so we can officially start the process of making L&L a reality. While it’s been a good exercise formalizing our ideas on paper, honing down the text describing those ideas is proving to be a beast. But rest assured, we’re working on taming the beast so we can finalize the business plan sometime very soon(ish).

R&D Batches And in more delicious news, we’re now back up and brewing again. Our very first batch back in the PNW was brewed at Micro Homebrew during their Big Brew Day in July. (Many thanks to Tony and his crew for putting it on!) And with Big Brew Day under our belt, we’ll be brewing up some R&D batches (four to be exact) this weekend. Visit us on Instagram to see how our brew day goes and where our beer research adventures take us.

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The Road Home

We’ve been living in New York City for the past few years so first things first: getting back home to the Pacific Northwest. Never ones to turn down the scenic (or completely out-of-the-way) route, we are taking a weeks-long road trip back to the West Coast. Our tentative itinerary is 45 days on the road, a couple dozen cities, and 45 breweries. Having already spent some time exploring the upper half of the country, we’ll be taking the southern route home. From Florida to Texas to California, we are eager to see and taste all of the wonderful things craft brewers across the country are creating. See all of the beery deliciousness on Instagram.

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Here We Go!

A homebrewing household for nearly a decade, we’ve decided to take the plunge and go pro! What started as a batch of IPA (a Charlie Papazian recipe, of course) brewed on a kit borrowed from a friend (thanks, Ryan!) has grown into a nearly all-consuming beer-centric way of life. But we wouldn’t have it any other way and are extremely excited to be embarking on this journey from hobbyist to professional. Our plan is to be pouring for you in 2019, but know there will be a ton to do between now and then.

The business plan is nearly complete, but our “to do” list for the next year-plus is lengthy. Our goal is to build a brewery and taproom that the community around us can be proud to call their own so all of the tasks on our “to do” list will be tackled with that main objective in mind. L&L is all about creating an inviting gathering place for beer lovers (and those who still aren’t quite sure) to come together and celebrate well-crafted, innovative beer. And we will always strive to be a good neighbor—establishing relationships with local merchants and actively seeking out opportunities to help contribute to the community around us. L&L is, and will always be, a small, family-owned craft brewery focused on brewing delicious beer for all to enjoy.

From financing to finding the right location to perfecting our recipes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our progress as we work to make Ladd & Lass Brewing a reality.

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