To build a joyful community founded on
the humble pursuit of craft and a relentless
commitment to innovation and inclusivity.
— L&L Mission

Family-owned & fiercely independent


Gathering place for ALL


Proud of our homebrew heritage


Unapologetically geeky
about fermentation

Innovation rooted in tradition


Driven by our creative impulse


Fervent in our technical prowess


Quality not quantity


If we think we can brew it well, we will.

Not bound to any beer style, our offerings will range from
sessionable lagers and hoppy libations to the beguiling sour and wood-aged beers. While we may brew “traditional” beer styles, we will always be pushing the technical boundaries to produce
exciting and delicious beers.

We’re not out to conquer the world. Just your palate.

As a small brewery, we have the ability to focus on content without being driven by a need for volume. Constantly experimenting with ingredients and maintaining strict quality control will help us serve the best product possible.

We have cultivated an extensive library of mixed cultures.

Grown and maintained in-house over the past several years, we will be able to offer beers that are truly unique to L&L. And we can’t wait to share these with you!